photo: Guus Schoonewille

Space and Tranquillity

The Hague, city by the sea. I was born here and, except for 3 years, lived here all my life: only minutes away from the infinity of the North Sea horizon.

While working on a project about Dutch motorways, Poldermotieven (2011), I was wondering what Grateful Theme I would embrace for 2012. Remember, this was the year the world was going to come to an end. The year that the speed of social media made news reporting almost overtake reality.

Had we - had I - amidst the hectics of daily life - forgotten about the value of slowing down. Resigning from the pressure of growth and deadlines. But rather: synchronise, remember what truly matters to you, and deserves your attention. Experiencing abundance, allowing you to travel beyond the apparent restrictions of ordinary life.

Lasse to the rescue

Space and Tranquillity it would be. But at the moment these words popped up, I was still wondering how I would go about finding them. Unexpectedly, my son Lasse, then almost 2 years old, showed me the way. During an otherwise ordinary beach visit in the summer of 2011, he pointed at the horizon, mistaking a ship for a plane. Not knowing what a flood of thoughts his observation would provoke. His confusion made sense though, it was one such day where heaven and earth melted into one. Something that seems to be floating in the sky is bound to be a plane...

I wondered. Have I seen this before? How well do I know this horizon that I consider home. To finally conclude that this is the view I head for whenever I want to experience Space and Tranquillity. My home horizon, portal to infinity. So ordinary, so nearby. And still, so special, so rich. As NEW HORIZONS has clearly made proven.

La suite

But how to make this abudance, the Space and Tranquillity and all their appearances visible, and shareable?

That riddle resolved itself during the very same beach visit: using photography. For the entire length of the year 2012. At every full hour of the year. 8,785 views straight out to the open sea, to the promising place where everything that we have learned to experience as separated, reunites. The same view, over and over and over again. Leaving the simple assignment of building a smart machine in a safe place...

Capturing infinity x 8,785 : Read on


In August 2015, FRAME Magazine posted a double-interview about NEW HORIZONS, also featuring designer Rob van Hoesel: