Son Lasse (5) browsing through NEW HORIZONS for the first time

Welcome, dear visitor,

to an extraordinary journey of exploration along the famous Dutch North Sea Horizon.

A journey that, for me, started during the summer of the year 2011. I contemplated dedicating a project to the theme of Space and Tranquillity. The horizon turned out to be the sublime representation of these qualities. Once I found that out, a rich and multidimensional art project unfolded, and led to an award-winning book publication and an unforgettable exhibition at the Panorama Mesdag museum in The Hague between 9 November 2014 and 8 March 2015..

During your visit to this website, I am taking you along to the horizon in the way NEW HORIZONS has taught me to keep discovering it anew - over and over again. A continuous invitation to find new places, ideas, worlds where the paved roads don't take you.

The images, experiences and insights that I have collected throughout this project: I am sharing them in every constructive manner at my disposal...

I hope my work surprises and inspires you to explore what the horizon holds for you.

Yours sincerely,

Bruno van den Elshout

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NEW HORIZONS in de media

Behalve de Telegraaf heeft elke landelijke Nederlandse krant inmiddels over NEW HORIZONS geschreven. Na een spread in 2013 zorgde NRC Handelsblad in 2014 nog eens voor veel extra aandacht rondom de tentoonstelling bij Panorama Mesdag. Dit schreef Tracy Metz over haar bezoek: